Many individuals and businesses are enjoying the best of the Information Age, and are buying Domains for their business ventures, non-profit organizations, and personal projects. Before too long, however, they may begin noticing that the websites they have up aren’t having the intended result of bringing in new business, and grabbing up the attention of visitors to the site. Below is a list of some of the top reasons why sites aren’t bringing in the traffic and revenue it’s creator(s) anticipated:

1. Give people something to work with! Don’t just throw any old information on a page. Provide ways your visitors can send correspondence, sign up for a list, receive sample quotes, or interact with you directly! Have a phone number they can reach you at? List it! If there’s one thing a client is bound to appreciate, it’s a live person who can be reached to discuss their needs with.

2. Not enough information on the website. Your visitors both need, and want information regarding products, services or other things you offer. Implementing message boards, contact forms, social media and a blog is a great way to let users interact with your website, and ask for information about the site.

3. “LOADING…..” Ever sit on a website, or page, that takes so long to load, you lose interest? In most cases, people will look elsewhere if a page takes too long to load. “Simple, yet direct, is best” is a great motto to operate by, when building your web pages. Maybe, at the Gateway of your page (the Index Page, or other first site they’ll see), give them an option whether they want a “Simplistic” layout, or a “Graphics Intensive” version. Keep track of how many hits each get, and it will give you a clearer view of what your visitors prefer.

4. A quick, quiet visit isn’t the end, it’s a beginning! Offering a little web applet, widget, or other feature that lets them subscribe to frequent updates (Podcasts, Newsletters, etc) are effective methods of capturing and maintaining the visitors who venture onto your page(s). It allows them to remain ‘tuned in’ for promotions and other things going on with you and your business/company/organization, even if they haven’t made any initial purchases yet.

5. Time is money. Visitors generally won’t have time to sit and scan walls of text, dig around for where the info they want is, and contemplate for hours at a time whether you’re the right provider for them. Having your information at their fingertips, without them having to click around, or root around your site for different tidbits of info, is vital to holding the interest of your future clientele.

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