WebVDEO Named One of the Top 30 SEO Companies in Los Angeles

With the pandemic, the importance of internet use has been proven once again. Many companies have accelerated their efforts to gain a place in the online market. We have supported our customers with our high quality SEO techniques and strategies in this field where competition is increasing day by day. As a result of this hard work, we have become one of the Top 30 SEO Companies in Los Angeles.

Webvdeo is one of the top 30 SEO companies according to DesignRush with its high-performance SEO strategies and expert team. We are honored to share with you the pride of being worthy of this award. Together with you, we celebrate being worthy of this award with our professional working system and high-quality SEO strategies.

But rewards encourage us to achieve more. WebVDEO is always working for more success and improving itself. And that's not the only reason why WebVDEO is one of the Best Los Angeles SEO Companies. Let's take a look at the reasons that make WebVDEO one of the Best Los Angeles SEO Companies and the privileges you will get when you join the world of WebVDEO.

Why WebVDEO In The Best 30 Los Angeles SEO Companies

Welcome to the unique and privileged world of WebVDEO! In this world, our customers are privileged and special. WebVDEO's services are not limited to just SEO strategies. You also get some privileges when you choose WebVDEO. Let's take a closer look at these privileges together:

Experienced SEO Agency

WebVDEO provides service with more than 20 years of experience. One of the biggest reasons why we are one of The Best Los Angeles SEO Companies is our experience. We share our experiences with our customers as part of our SEO Services.

Expert And Award-Winning Team

Get dynamic SEO strategies with WebVDEO's expert and award-winning team. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the best Los Angeles SEO Companies. We create high-performance SEO strategies for you with our expert and award-winning team.

Analytical Data Specialist

WebVDEO always takes advantage of data. We create the most effective SEO strategies for you by analyzing customers and competitors.

Your Business Is Our Business

WebVDEO runs your business as if it were its own. Because your success is our success too. This is one of the most important reasons why we are one of The Best Los Angeles SEO Companies!

100% Customer Satisfaction

WebVDEO's customers are special and privileged. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services.

Monthly SEO Report

WebVDEO always keeps its customers informed. As part of our SEO Services, we regularly send monthly SEO reports to our customers. In this way, you can follow your progress yourself.

These are not the only reasons why WebVDEO is one of The Best Los Angeles SEO Companies! You can join the world of WebVDEO to discover more and get a privileged service. We enable you to reach your goals directly with our high-performance and dynamic SEO strategies. You can contact us to benefit from the services of WebVDEO and to get more information about us.

Webvdeo 2021 upcity Excellence Award Winner in Los Angeles. As Webvdeo, we are proud to be an Excellence Award Winner with outstanding and hard work. We became Upcity Excellence Award Winner in 2021 together with our valued customers and esteemed teammates.

Digital marketing is a rapidly developing and competitive market. Thousands of digital marketing agencies are constantly working and improving themselves to be the best. Successful works are appreciated by consumers and the most successful one is crowned with an award.

Upcity, on the other hand, is a company that evaluates digital agencies and rewards the best ones, considering these criteria. Many companies were evaluated for the Upcity Excellence Los Angeles award in 2021. Many companies were evaluated in terms of criteria such as web design, web video and online marketing. And the 2021 Excellence Los Angeles award was given to Webvdeo.

Webvdeo is an online marketing and web design agency working with a professional team of experts for more than 20 years. Webvdeo is specialized and experienced in this field. With this award, we are proud to crown our experiences and share them with you.

As the 2021 Excellence Award Los Angeles winner, we will take steps to become more motivated and stronger with this award. Awards only motivate us, but doing the best quality work gives us satisfaction. That's why, as Webvdeo, we will always be taking firm steps towards being the best.

Many small businesses think that they don't have time for social media. Then there are those who take the time, but when they don't see instant results, they feel disappointed. Social Media takes some time to get started, but once you build enough following, you will see how convenient it is and how many benefits it has. Marketing gurus recommend that small businesses should take benefit of existing followings rather than relying entirely on gathering a new one. Less than 40% of people trust advertisements, but over 90% of people trust the recommendations of their friends and acquaintances. Social media is based on the interaction between people and facilitates recommendations. Small businesses can use this to their advantage.

That is why it is recommended to small businesses that they make such content which other people like and are willing to share. Doing so will yield better results. This phenomenon is called Social Media Outreach, and businesses around the world are using it for improving their sales. Social Media experts say that it is never too late to give a boost to your social media outreach. Here are some tips which will help in improving your social media outreach.

1. Be organized

Try to figure out what is your target audience and which social media platforms they mostly use rather than spreading your efforts across different platforms and hoping to reach your target audience. For instance, if your target audience is millennials and young people then focus your efforts on Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest. These platforms are popular among young audiences right one.

2. Make a strategy

Many small businesses can’t decide what to share. Take a look at the posts which performed well and the ones which didn’t perform so well. Analyze the difference and figure out what you did right or where you went wrong. Don’t hesitate to ask your audience what kind of content they want from you, even a survey through e-mail will be useful. Brainstorm ideas which you can cycle through such as client stories and how-to articles.

3. Utilize video

Research indicates that people are more likely to absorb information when they see it rather than reading it. Meaning you should use visual techniques like a video to illustrate what you are trying to convey. Some useful ideas are client testimonials, services overview, and product comparisons. Be creative with your approach and come up with video content which is in line with your brand identity and also connects with your target audience.

4. Use a CRM tool

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a back-end process which is used for the management of customer relationships. The tool collects your contacts across all social media platforms and keeps them in one easy to manage platform. CRM tools have different fees. You should use a CRM tool which is affordable for your business.

5. Engage

Many people think of social media as an outlet for broadcasting their offers. Instead, it is a place where you should be engaging in conversations, responding to posts, answering questions, and tagging your business.

6. Make content easy to share You should make content which resonates with people, and they want to share it. If your content contains anything which hurts someone's feelings or goes against someone's beliefs, then it won't be shared. So, you should be careful when you are making content for your social media platforms and do proper research about your target audience.

7. Get to know influencers

Social media influencers have the ability to encourage your target audience. If you manage to grab the attention of an influencer, just think of all the people your content will be reaching. You must remember that influencers aren’t just celebrities. An influencer is someone who has authority in a specific subject.

8. Keep a social media calendar

Many small businesses don't have a social media content calendar for planning and scheduling social media posts. If you are thinking about increasing your social media outreach, then having a social media calendar is one of the first steps. This will allow you to gather material for posting in the future and stay on top of your social media campaigns. It is important that your brand has a constant presence in front of your audience while you work behind the scenes. If you are running a business and are managing the day to day operations, then the chances are that you might not have enough time to work on your social media outreach. Fortunately, NXT GEN WEB is here to help you with that. We can improve your social media outreach and help you connect with your target audience. Feel free to contact us if you want to inquire about our services. We will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

Excitement fills the room as you and your business partners have just launched an aggressive marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website. Two days later you realize that your website has been down for an extended period of time and you don't know why. Your heart rate begins to race as you start to panic, realizing you have invested countless hours and thousands of dollars on marketing and building your own website. Now what? Time is a non-renewable resource, and the decision you face is to either try and fix it yourself or hire someone to fix it for you.

This is an example of what many startup entrepreneurs experience every week. What's even more frustrating is having to deal with the bad PR of launching a marketing campaign with a website that's down due to some technical issue you weren't aware of until it was too late. There's no way of telling how many potential customers lost interest when they tried to visit your website.

You've probably seen the commercials on TV for Godaddy and how easy it is to build a custom website. That may be true for the most part, yet there are a few reasons why you should consider having someone do it for you.

For starters, as a startup, your time is extremely valuable. On average, it can take several weeks to a few months to build and launch a website from scratch. That's assuming nothing goes awry.

As an entrepreneur, your most important tasks are to connect with people, customers, employees, partners, and your local community. You're responsible for sharing your vision and inspiring the people around you, as well as making sure your business runs smoothly. You need to keep your mind clear and focused, so when challenges arise, you are present and able to deal with them appropriately. Adding the burden of building and maintaining a website is something you can't afford time-wise, nor energy-wise.

From website design, search engine optimization, social media accounts to look after, integrating the software to run your e-commerce operations from your website, maintenance, and upgrades, as well as all of the technical jargon that goes along with it. Building and maintaining your company's website is a full-time endeavor. Los Angeles based web developer, WebVDEO has been assisting clients for the past 9 years with their web design and marketing needs. Our competitive advantage is that we can save our clients thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration by designing and launching a website that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. We handle all the technical things, such as designing the site, videos, Pay-per-click marketing, optimizing your site for search engines, and integrating e-commerce software for online purchases.

Don't let the excitement in the room turn to despair. We know that building your own website is a passion because after all, it's your business and your vision that you desperately want to get out into the world. Share your vision with us because our passion is helping you get it out into the world.

So many business websites today adopt different website design methods to build their brand. The methods are integrated into the website to increase conversion rate, enhance visibility, user experience and so on. One of the effective ways of building your brand is by making your website ADA-compliant. ADA, an acronym that stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, ensures that a website is user-friendly for those living with disabilities. This act was developed in 1990 to create internet usage equality between people living with disabilities and other users. According to research by the Pew Research Center , 1 out of 8 people in the USA are living with disabilities. Nearly a quarter of Americans living with disabilities are less likely found on a website especially when it is not ADA compliant.

Advantages of ADA compliant Website

Conversion rate increases

Designing a website to meet accessibility standards such as text with minimal contrast ratio against background would make website visitors navigate through the site without any difficulty. This, in turn, makes visitors read content, understand and stay engaged for a longer time. ADA compliance boosts audience

People living with disabilities form the largest minority group in the USA and about 19% of the 78.2% of the United States of America population. Many of these people will be willing to visit your website in search of services and products. However, if your website does not meet ADA standards, they will head to another website instantly leaving you with a loss of potential audience and loyal followers.

Makes you more reputable

Customers will be happy and appreciative that you have made your website compatible for all and sundry notwithstanding their knowledge of the importance they have towards your business. Your website becomes distinguished from those that are not non-ADA compliant. Making your website ADA compliant will pose a positive image for your brand.

Enhances your SEO Campaign

Search engines now crawl over web pages and rank them on result pages according to their alignment with the search criteria. One of the search criteria normally used is image text, image color, mobile compatibility, etc. Your website will appeal to users if it meets ADA guidelines and makes your SEO campaign a success.

Prevents Legal Infraction

Making sure that your website is accessible by every online user will aid you to avoid having a run-in with the law. Since 1990, after the internet became widely used, the Americans with Disability act was developed to promote accessibility of the internet by everybody. Websites that do not meet the ADA compliance guidelines are bound to face legal hassles, which could prove costly for their business.

Better ROI

A higher traffic and conversion rate leads to an increase in ROI. Your customers get to like the web design, content and how easily it can be navigated. This leads up to them making positive reviews, which eventually attracts new users and expands ROI. There you have it! Above are some of the importance of ADA compliant website. The need to make websites ADA-compliant can never be quantified. Many websites today have failed to meet the ADA guidelines only to leave them far behind their competitors. If you have not made your website and do not know the ADA compliance requirements, visit the ADA.gov website to see the list of ADA compliance guidelines. Contact us today at webVDEO to help you design an ADA compliant website. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

An online business is just like any other business, right? Well, not so much. While you may indeed have the same responsibilities and things to think about, there are also many unexpected obstacles that can come your way. They are not necessarily uncommon for a regular business, but they do require more of your attention as they can make the difference between a successful online business and an average one. Let’s get started!

Pay attention to your online presence

Some people believe that as long as they have a great brand and a great website, they just have to wait for the visitors to show up. That is not the case. In reality, you need to have a great online presence and to interact with potential customers at all times, as much as you can. Yes, this means that you need to have an account on the most popular social media networks and to have someone ready to interact with other users as often as possible.

Invest in professionals

Although you don’t physically see your business as you see a shop on the side of the street, it exists and it needs professionals. It is very important to invest in a good accountant, a good designer or online marketing company, someone to deal and ship the products if you are selling anything and so on. Don’t assume that simply because it is not physical, your business shouldn’t be taken as seriously.

Work on a business plan

You may be surprised to hear this, but most of the people who have online businesses never thought about making a real business plan. Yes, one where you include expenses, products, expectations, trends, plans and so on. It can completely change your business, bring you success and help you from a lot of trouble and financial loss.

Time management is important

Since you don’t physically have to go somewhere to take care of your business and you can do it from the comfort of your desk, it is easy to procrastinate and forget the important things; this is one of the reasons why so many people are not successful when they are online freelancers. You have to make sure that you manage your time right and that you work on your online business without procrastinating.

Take complaints seriously

From time to time there will be someone who is not happy with your services. You can ignore them and they will disappear with bitter experience, or you can take their complaint seriously and have the chance to improve your online business and show other customers that you value their opinion. Every time you have the chance to fix a client’s bad experience, do it. You will be surprised how much good can come from this.

Make online marketing tools your best friends

It is absolutely necessary to invest in online marketing if you want to be successful. You can either do this by yourself and try to create something that will represent your business, or you can hire professionals and know that your brand is on good hands. Either way, never forget about ads, promotions and so on, as these are the key to your success.

When it comes to your online business, you only want the best. You want to reach as many people as you can, to promote your product in the smartest way and of course, to maintain a great appearance for your brand. You’re the one who knows exactly what is needed, so why hire a professional marketing agency?

You will get personalized service

Every business is different; therefore, you can’t do the design or the marketing following tutorials you found online. Sure, it may work for a little while and you may even get away with in the terms of how it looks, but how can you be sure that it represents your website and your target audience? On the other hand, a marketing agency with experience understands what the clients expect to see and combines this with the particularities of your business. They will take into consideration the current trends, the market, your competitors as well as your ideas and create something unique, only for you.

You won’t waste time

If you know bits and pieces about marketing or design, you may be tempted to do all the hard work yourself. Unfortunately, more often than not you would have to spend much more time doing this than you think. While you may know some things, you are not a professional. When you hire a marketing agency, they work on your deadline and it is in both of your interests to get the job done as quickly as possible, without compromising on the quality of the end result. You will be surprised to see that the entire project can be done way faster than if you would have done it yourself.

You will save money, time and effort in the long run

Let’s put it this way: if you do the marketing on your own, there’s a big chance that you will need to have it redone after a while. This is because, again, you are not a professional and you can’t quite understand the needs and the trends of the market. Also, every time there will be a glitch on your website, you will have to either handle it alone, and this can be time and effort consuming, or hire someone from the outside who does not understand your needs and style. Either way, why not get it done from the first?

Marketing agencies have professionals in every field

You have many needs when it comes to your business, and it can be tricky to hire a professional for every single thing. You need someone for marketing, someone for design, someone to write some content and preferably, someone else to make sure your website is working properly. It sounds like a lot, right? Because it is! Instead of taking the time to find all these professionals and explain to each one of them what you want, let an online agency take this off your hands. They have what you need already available!

Make your experience easier and worry only about the ideas of your business, not about the technicalities. You will have all the time in the world to come up with new ways to be even more successful and take your business to the top!

Digital marketing is something that is here to stay. Everything is digital, and if you aren’t utilizing the top digital marketing trends, it will be easy for your company to fall behind. Watch your business succeed as you integrate these five digital marketing trends happening in 2019.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to company design. Of course, there are a few key elements you want to live by, but the single most important thing when it comes to the design of your company is, “be you.” Everything from blog content to emails needs to be strategically personalized with your brand. Diving deeper into personalization, the consumer of your product should be able to customize their experience to their liking. This can range from the color scheme or simply being able to add their name to the top. Personalization makes people feel at home, and this is what you should be aiming for in 2019.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is more popular than ever. Consumers enjoy entertainment and there’s nothing more entertaining than video. You don’t necessarily have to post videos on YouTube. Facebook is the best outlet for this digital marketing trend. As people scroll through their feeds, a video pops up about life at your company. They watch it because it’s entertaining, but also inspirational. You’ve gained a following all because you made something more meaningful than a single photo.

Social Media Chat

Facebook Messenger is used by so many people. As a company, this has so many benefits. People enjoy chatting more than a phone call. Make yourself accessible on Facebook Messenger. This will allow consumers to ask quick questions that they probably would never call or email about. This also allows them to get a more direct response. Make sure you have a quick response rate. Responding almost immediately will keep the consumer interested in the product they inquired about.

Utilize Instagram

Instagram’s visual search is a great way to bring people to your product. For example, let’s say you’re a clothes company and post a picture of someone wearing an outfit of your products. With visual search, the consumer can tap on the photo and be linked to each individual piece of clothing. This instantly led them to your site and more than likely, you’ll get a sale out of it. People not only want to see what they buy, but they want immediate, easy access to the product.


Social media stories are probably the top trending item on this list. This is a great tool for any company to show a behind the scenes look at the products. If you are trying to market a subscription box, show a sneak peek of what’s coming that month. People know these stories are temporary and tend to watch them on a daily basis. This is a game changer when it comes to digital marketing in 2019.

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