Designing for Startups: What to Expect

Unlike actual design projects, designing for startups can be a little bit complex. You need to be fully prepared for a rough experience all through the duration of the project. Trying to combine what the startup want and what you already know remains the most important thing when designing for startups.

Luckily, the majority of startups are now understanding the importance of having effective web design for their business. They now hire the services of professional web designers to ensure that their website is designed excellently.

Business owners have now realized how great design is an integral part of their growth strategies. In this article, we will be taking a look at what the startups want as well as the key elements you need to consider when designing the start-up website.

What Startups Expect

Great web design for startups entails more than just having buttons or attractive colors on the website. More emphasis should be laid on how they can get to their target audience, increase conversion rate, sell more products and services, outperform their rivals and, most importantly, grow their establishment.

Rather than thinking in terms of complexity of the codes, what startups want is an ultimate solution. Since this design is the face of their company, having a well thought-out web design gives the needed first impression to their online audience. As the professional web designer, it becomes your duty to be able to find a middle ground between what start-ups expect and what you know as great design. Once you are able to do this, you are on the right path to finding a winning combination.

The Key Elements of Design

Some of the key elements of design for startups and how they can help grow their startup establishment include:


In website design, innovation is dynamic. It is constantly changing. As technological development continues to expand day after day, innovative design also ought to keep up with the momentum. By being innovative, you will be able to come up with unique designs, just what was imagined by the startup.

Product Usefulness

A product usefulness can be recognized by the psychological connection and aesthetic it offers. With a well thought-out design process, you are able to highlight the product’s usefulness. Creating elements that do not align with the goals can also be ignored.


Do you know that consumers are also influenced by the aesthetic qualities of a product? A beautiful product will go a long way in influencing buying decision. Same also goes with having a beautiful website. However, only objects that are well-executed can be attractive.

In addition, the design of the website will make it come to life. This alone will make the website speak and provide suitable answers to each and every question the user has to ask. For this reason, it is important to dedicate every resource to ensure that the website is beautifully designed.


Unlike in creative art, the design of a website should not be considered as work of art or as a decorative object. The most important thing is to ensure that it fills the purpose it was created for. The design should be made in a neutral way that will allow users the opportunity for self-expression. If not, creating an overwhelming design will only diminish the user experience. Regardless how beautiful the design can be, the true purpose has been lost.


The web design needs to be true and honest. It should not offer the notion that a product is more innovative and powerful than it should be. Ensure that the design does not completely influence the customer.

There you have it! The above are some of the key elements that should be considered when designing a website for a startup. Great design is not trendy. Ensure that the website is designed in such a way that it will never appear old-fashioned. By combining all these ideas, you will be able to achieve a well-designed website that covers everything the startup wants.

5 Things Your Dev Team Can Build with Amazon Dash Button

Amazon recently launched another programmable IoT button, an upgrade to the existing Amazon Dash Buttons. Initially, the Amazon Dash Button was just a smart home device which can be used to order things like coffee, toilet paper, cooking ingredients, razor blades, cat food, and so forth, with a simple press of a button.

This Amazon Dash Button saves you the stress of driving down to the grocery store or even turning on your computer before placing your order. The Amazon Dash Buttons operated using the Amazon Alexa AI interface.

However, the new launched programmable Amazon Dash Button present lots of possibilities. You can pair them with other IoT hardware such as light bulbs, other smart home devices, and so on. In this article, we will take a look at some other things you can use the Amazon Dash Button for to enhance company productivity and make the most use of your device.

A sound machine

Using the Amazon IoT Button, you can create a sound machine. Here, the main aim is having something that works like a sad trombone button for spilled coffee, or a rimshot button for bad jokes. All you need to do is to program your Amazon Dash Button to work for rimshots, and sad trombones.

The dash button will send a “clickType” parameter. This can be single, double, or even a long-press. This will make it possible for your sound machine to play various sounds based depending on how you push the button.

A brighter, inviting conference room

Have you ever considered programming your Amazon Dash Button with the light bulb in your conference room? Using the Amazon Dash Button, you can create instant ambiance in your conference room, living room, etc. Once your guest or client walks through the door into the room, you can turn on the smart bulbs remotely using the Amazon IoT Button. This will help create a welcoming, inviting feeling.

You can also use the button to turn on the projector. Even if you will like to cut the light bulbs to give dramatic effect while presenting, the IoT button can be configured to turn off the light with a double press.

A “Do Not Disturb” indicator

Will you like to have some “me time”? It’s time for you to do away with any form of interruptions or disturbance. All you need to do is to program your Amazon Dash Button to turn on red LEDs. This will send a message to anyone that you are busy and do not want to be distracted.

Furthermore, you can also switch between red, yellow, and green lights to let others know when you are available. This will save you a lot of stress and make you concentrate more on any task you are carrying out.

A Slack bot

Are there phrases you use often? Have you considered turning it into a quick response? Simply turn your frequently used phrases into a quick response with your Amazon IoT Button. You can create a bot, and program the response based on the number of clicks.

•Single press: “I’m heading out for the day. See you tomorrow!”
•Double press: “I’ll be busy working from home today.”
•Long press: “Can I have my coffee?”
Don’t you think this will be an incredible idea?

An Uber button

If you are the type who makes use of Uber often, you can also configure the Amazon Dash Button to call for a ride. Hence, you do not need to bring out your phone every time you need to summon an Uber. Remember to place the address of your office in the function which hits Uber’s request API.

Looking to add more sophistication? You can program the Amazon IoT Button to change the type of car you call for with different presses of the button.

All the above and many more are some of the things you can build with the Amazon IoT Button. The Amazon IoT Button is here to open you to a world of limitless possibilities. With a simple touch of creativity, you just made your life easier.

The Benefits of a Custom Web Design

The tastes and point of view of internet users across the world often vary. This is one of the reasons why impressing them may be quite a daunting task. As a result of this, companies nowadays prefer to have a custom website design on their website. This ensures that they are able to create stunning designs that will capture the attention of users, and, at the same time, impress them.

With a custom website design, you will be offered a combination of content and design that favors and depicts the unique identity of your brand or business. Custom website design offers you an opportunity to combine what you like. You have the opportunity to design based on the needs of your company design which perfectly fits into your own criteria. You run it your way so as to attract customers.

However, you should see developing a custom website design for your brand or business as a smart investment, and not as an expense. The mains aim is to help in the growth and development of your brand or business. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of designing a custom web design.

Unique Appearance
How do you distinguish your brand from others and give it a unique name online? To achieve this, you need more than just a combination of logos. It is more than just fitting your brand or business into template placeholders.
However, your aim should be building an exclusive identity that showcases the sophistication and uniqueness of your brand or business. This is what a custom web design offer you. The attractiveness of your website is one of the things that help sell your business. Custom web design offers you a unique appearance that depicts the identity of your brand.

Well-Structured Contents
It should be more than just designing a website. Your aim is to design it in such a way whereby your products, contents, and services are properly arranged and well-structured. This is vital for a quality website. Designs and contents ought to be flawlessly aligned on the website. The best way to achieve a properly arranged and well-structured website is by opting for custom web design. A structured website helps to increase user engagement on your website.

Focused on your customers
The success of your business is largely dependent on how well you are able to impress your customers. If not for them, you may not be in business anymore. This is why you have to try as much as possible to look for ways in which you can keep attracting more and more customers. This is what you get with a custom web design.

A custom web design can help transform your business needs and goals. Not only that, it can also build an ideal flow, and structure that will offer outstanding user experience. This will help your customers get engaged with your website, complete a form, reach the call to action to make a purchase, or pick up the phone to know more about your business.

Sand out from your rivals
Competition is good for business. Rather than just relaxing, you are offered the opportunity to dig deep into your creative instincts and come up with ways you can surpass your rivals. Custom web design offers you a step ahead of the competition.

When there is competition, you will be at your very best. You will be ready to look for ways to excel your business a step further. With a custom web design, you can build a quality presence around your business. You can do this in such a way that projects the image of your business to your customers. At the end of the day, this will help your business stand out ahead of the competition.

There you have it! All these are some of the benefits of making a custom web design. webVDEO is always ready to create a custom web design that will get your audience and customers engaged. Our team of expert web designers are available to design a highly fascinating and attractive website that will definitely get visitors to your website fascinated, encouraging them to patronize your product and services. At the end of the day, you are guaranteed to get more customers.


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Web Design Trends In 2017

Trends are notable changes that occur in every single inventive field, and website design cannot be overlooked. Trends occur as a result of experimentation and innovation. They are the driving factor that results in change, which push an industry forward to improve things.

A lot of designers are of the belief that taking after trends is a crucial aspect of their responsibilities. Being always informed about the latest trend is viewed as obligatory.

In the past couple of years, it has turned out to be noticeable that many designers are attempting to change from straightforward and closed compositions. The web is a unique and dynamic environment that keeps on changing and evolving at every point in time. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the web design trends that should be expected during the following twelve months.

Mobile-first approach will be adopted by more brands
As the name implies, the mobile-first design is the web design process whereby a website is initially designed for mobile or other small screen devices before the design for bigger devices.
Despite the fact that this may not actually be an entirely new trend, but rather we expect seeing more websites over the coming year to adopt a more insightful strategy in conveying their content to mobile (smaller screens), rather than putting it next to desktop build.

More extensive execution of responsive design
Just like mobile-first, responsive design has also been around for the past couple of years. What we foresee as the year unfolds is a significantly greater increase of brands building responsive-based websites.
For the individuals who may not understand what responsive design is, responsive design is basically a way to deal with building a website utilizing CSS media queries as well as flexible and adaptable layouts/grids. This is used to create a dynamic website that adjusts and restructures its content in a way that best displays on the screen size of the device.
One of the rewards of responsive design is that it permits organizations and companies to pay for only a single website build that delivers contents effectively, both on mobile and tablet, as well as on laptops, and desktops with larger screens. It is predicted that there will be a high increase of brand that will implement this approach as a way of improving their rankings in search.

Increase focus on animation
One of the things that have impacted our digital interface is animation. There is no halt on animation as 2017 unfolds. Truth be told, designers are now looking for more sophisticated visual tools which they can use in building smile sparkling and engaging animations. In 2017, it is expected that animation will be more refined and more prominent.

Layouts and designs which allow content to shine
The mode in which design elements are arranged in a particular structure ought to permit the viewer to actually concentrate on the message, without decreasing the reading speed of the person. Designers all over the world now have a clear understanding that individuals visit websites to read their content.
The role of design is to showcase contents in an efficient, intuitive and delightful way. It is expected that designers will keep on seeking for ways that will allow the layout and design of a site to suitably display the content.

Better collaboration between Designers and Developers
Due to the fact design now constitute a more prominent and more influential part in molding businesses, more consideration has been given to the collaboration between designers and their fellow designers as well as other developers.
More emphasis is being laid on cooperation as a result of the hugeness of the web and mobile applications that are being developed nowadays. Immense platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, require not just several designers working on different parts of the platform, but, better methods for making designers and developers to remain on the same page. More collaboration and improved communication lead to better output.

Big, bold type
As the world of design goes to the agreement that our attention ought to be on content, an ever increasing number of sites now feature welcome inspiration messages and headlines that are similarly as big and bold, just like the messages itself.
The terms "big" and "bold" as used in this content doesn't allude to the weight of the text style. It is about dedicating a significant area of the screen to a separate, straightforward yet widely inclusive message about the products and services.
In this world of ours that is quick, busy, and overloaded with information, these brief yet powerful messages will be adopted by practically all companies as the year unfolds.

More SVGs
SVGs, an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics provide website developers and designers with a considerable measure of advantages as compared to traditional image formats such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. SVGs do not depend on resolution. They look awesome on any screen irrespective of the screen size of devices.
With SVGs, there won’t be any need to worry about making every picture retina-ready. Another wonderful thing about SVG is that it doesn’t require any HTTP request. The days of HTTP request slowing down website are over.

In case you haven’t started making use of Flexbox, you are missing out. Flexbox is a moderately "new" CSS layout module which offers both amazing responsive- friendliness in its functionalities.
What’s more, Flexbox bodes well to visual designers and can be used to manipulate the object on the canvas by making use of distributing and aligning tools, which are offered in various design applications such as Illustrator and Sketch. With each modern browser now completely supporting Flexbox, there should be nothing holding you from joining the trend.
All those mentioned above are a couple of the web design trends that are expected as 2017 unfolds. These web design trends are expected to help deliver web pages and contents in a more sophisticated way, improving your browsing experience. Unleash The Power of WordPress
Wordpress is the most popular web Content Management System platform known in the whole world. Though it is said to be the easiest one to handle, develop and manage from the whole list, you can’t unlock all of its features on your own. It started as a blogging platform and evolved in time to suit all types of businesses, small or big, only with the cost of complexity. WordPress web development can help you to finish your project just like you dreamed to.

Even if you already have a WordPress website in need of a new face or you want a new and fresh website, WordPress web development is ready to take your plans and put them in action. Starting from the customized themes and integrations leading to routine maintenance, our team of designers and developers will extract what’s best from a WordPress platform.

Why Should You Choose WordPress for a CMS Ecommerce Website?
>WordPress is a CMS platform flexible enough to virtually squeeze out anything from it and it is SEO friendly. It can be customized easily and turned into a beautiful ecommerce website in no time. WordPress has lots of themes and plugins from which you can choose. WordPress web development can and will help you to make the desired website possible.

WooCommerce is the WordPress variant for ecommerce websites. As a store owner, you can easily sell anything, anywhere. As a developer, you receive an adaptable, extendable, open-sourced platform through which you can build the store your client dreams of and desires. Our WordPress web development team offers a great deal of services and ways to finish the project from which you can choose what you want. If you choose to use a CMS platform you will have a number of advantages, such as security, easy ways to manage the content, beautiful themes that can be customized, easy interface and much more.

WordPress Has a Large Number of Security Plugins
One of the great things that WordPress can offer is the extension through plugins that can add any feature you need in your CMS website. There are also many plugins that can strengthen the WordPress security and the only things you have to do is to install them and make the necessary configurations. These plugins monitor the activity of your website, prevent the most common attacks and instantly notify you about suspicious activity.

WordPress web development can provide you the best ways to keep your WordPress ecommerce website secured at any time.

Secure Passwords and Checkout/SSL

If you want a secure website, you have to make sure you have secure passwords, complex to guess, long and strong credentials and also users with strong passwords.

If you want to make sure that your transferred data is secured and encrypted, you should use SSL certificates or HTTPS. This is not an enabled by default feature, so WordPress web development will obtain a certificate to encrypt and secure your ecommerce website.

Payment Gateway
Most ecommerce websites use payment gateways such as PayPal to ensure that the information about credit cards or other sensitive payment information go through high security to reach the source. WordPress web developers know exactly what to install and what settings to apply to offer you a trusted payment through your website.

Ecommerce Platforms for WordPress