How Video Marketing Empowers Your Business
The power of moving pictures or images is phenomenal. That’s why Video Marketing is an excellent tool to get your message across. Earlier studies show that people remember only 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. However, when people watch and hear at the same time, the figure rises to a staggering 70%.
The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” gives credence to this study. In addition, it also solidifies what any marketing executive knows. Moving pictures are easier for the mind to digest and understand. So put your ideas to action, and show what you have to offer through Video Marketing .

The Benefits
There are many business benefits when you utilize the power of moving images. The following list shows why companies use Video Marketing in their campaigns:

1. Easily connects to the emotion.
For a product to sell, the emotions must be involved. No other media captures this than in the use of videos. Although the written word is powerful, nothing quite compares when you watch a video. The mind and emotion react to music and images that often accompanies this presentation.

2. Powerful tool for recall.
Moving images have great influence to shape public opinion and perception. Visual imagery is recalled easier and makes visual concepts faster to understand. In fact, most users remember 6x more information watching videos than reading static text.

3. Ease of accessibility.
Today, almost 90% of marketers use video in their campaigns. On the other hand, 80% use video in their marketing website and 60% use video for email marketing. It’s compact and easy to distribute just about anywhere.

4. Relevant to existing technology.
People are busier today than they were 5 years ago. A video can seamlessly give relevant information in less than 10 minutes. For many, this is precious because their time is valuable.

5. Engaging and entertaining.
A relaxed mind is open to ideas and information. So, if you want a high sales conversion rate, make your clients feel good. This can be done by putting together videos that are fun, engaging and informative.

Tips for Effective Video Marketing
• Keep the video length short. – Who wants a full-length feature? Remember that people are busy, most are multitasking so make your presentation short but juicy.

• Add humor and entertainment. – Humor stimulates the dopamine reward system of the brain. In cognitive learning, dopamine is responsible for long-term memory and motivation. Therefore, use a funny and interesting video for your business.

• Use moving and still images. – Add variety to make your videos more interesting for clients to enjoy.
• Don’t forget to add a call to action. – What do you want your viewers to do after watching the video? Make it clear; you can even add special offers or coupons.

• Provide your customer a way to easily find your business. – Put all vital information such as email address, website address, phone numbers and office location at the end of the video.

• Distribute the video in social media and other platforms. – Promote using email, social media, online ad campaign, YouTube and your own website.
It may sound a lot of work, but Video Marketing engages your clients. It sets you apart from the usual static text ads and adds value to your business. It not only makes you stand out from the competition, it also builds trust. In the end, that’s the kind of relationship you aspire for with your customers.

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