Is Human to Human Marketing Replacing B2B and B2C?
Is Human to Human Marketing (H2H) replacing Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing? Is this a new battle cry or wishful thinking?

A proponent of H2H Marketing, Bryan Kramer espouses the need to replace how professionals in B2B and B2C conduct business. He believes there’s a blurry demarcation line between the two that’sdifficult to differentiate. He further sees the need for marketers to stop the gibberish jargon in sales to appear smarter. He believes it’s time to start putting themselves in the shoes of the client and start thinking like one.

Differentiating B2B from B2C
There’s a vast difference when marketing to a business and a client. Companies who delve into B2B sales market directly with other businesses. These are the ones that need their services or products. Moreover, these firms have in-house sales team to do the job.  In some instances, companies opt to outsource services to other independent sales agents.

There’s limited prospects when you’re in B2B sales. Job tenures are often dependent on the economic health of the industry they belong to. An example would be the selling of heavy machinery in the manufacturing sector. Even a small drop in the manufacturing business affects the job security of B2B sales agents.

On the other hand, B2C sales cater directly to consumers who may need their products or services. Unlike B2B, where they focus on other businesses, there’s a throng of potential customers for B2C. Examples of popular B2B sales are in the areas of automobiles, real estates and computers, among many.

The Power of H2H
Human to Human Marketing draws its strength from fact that human beings have emotions. As such, every sales interaction must take into account various factors such as:

  • emotions
  • past experiences
  • goals
  • dreams
  • ease of communication

Humans have the need to be understood, to belong and to feel emotion. To engage with another human being, you need to clearly communicate in simple, no-nonsense words. Forget the complicated words that often accompany sales or marketing talks. Using simple, genuine and easy to understand words is better.

The key to an effective marketing strategy is for a one-to- one, personalized experience. There’s a need for marketing and social to get their act together. In order for clients to benefit from any business, shared values must be present. There must be a common ground so people can benefit, understand and take action.

Putting it all Together
In order to communicate with one another, you have to talk as others do. This means adopting how other speak to each other in simple, easy-to- understand words. Remember that customers are human beings. As such, using words that target the emotions as well as the intellect is necessary.

In B2B, there’s no emotion when you talk about facts and figures. Using H2H ensures that people understand each other completely. Furthermore, approaching your potential client is easier when you value authentic human interaction. Don’t forget that in the end, the customer will always remain as king.

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