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The Joomla framework offers capabilities you can’t find in WordPress or Drupal—but they come at a cost: Complexity. webVDEO is ready to help you embrace the advantages of PHP scripting, deep content hierarchies, plugins, and components only available within Joomla. Don’t settle for the same-old cookie cutter website your competitors have, set yourself apart with one of our unique custom content management or community platforms. Contact us today and we’ll explain the advantages of a Joomla-based content management system for your website.

Go Beyond the Limitations of WordPress Discover a Truly Custom Web Experience

Improved Compatibility

Improved Compatibility

Native PHP scripting means improved compatibility with all web browsers and platforms.

Ideal for 
In-Depth Sites

Ideal for In-Depth Sites

Don’t let blog-based implementations and two-level hierarchies hold back your content.


Fewer Plugins

Joomla requires fewer plugins and less moving pieces than WordPress and other platforms.


Advanced SEO

We can help you take advantage of Joomla’s advanced SEO features to increase your visibility.


Complex Implementations

From simple installs to complex new implementations and troubleshooting, webVDEO is here to help.


Custom Modules

Our developers can help you create custom modules, tools, components, and plugins within Joomla to improve user experience.

Join the Global Brands Using Joomla Joomla’s PHP scripting offers unrivaled compatibility, one of the many reasons the top global brands choose the Joomla over any other CMS


Move past the blog-based 2-level hierarchy of WordPress and into a website that seamlessly organizes multiple levels of content with ease. Implement the very same plugins, customizations, or even done for you templates today’s biggest brands rely on to engage and guide their visitors and customers. Contact us today to discover all the advantages of moving to Joomla, or let us help you with an existing Joomla implementation.

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