The Online Business and Web Design
Online business is taking the world by storm because of globalization and the exchange of goods and services on the web is increasing every year. A business that is not optimizing its web presence is in danger of losing out to competitors in the long run. A business who depends on a website for client interface and has a lot of competitors and should consider a responsive design to gain competitive advantage.

Comparison to a Mobile Optimized Website

Confusion would arise whether a business should use a mobile optimized website or a responsive web design. Understand that a mobile optimized website can be viewed through smartphone exclusively, and it cannot be viewed through a desktop computer. The importance lies in the whole experience of web browsing because mobile screens are relatively smaller in size.

Poor Experience and Customer Conversion

While a mobile optimized website is built for efficiency and ease of use, the mobile only functionality turns potential clients away when they cannot access the website through other mobile devices. This is where the responsive design comes in. Business websites must be keen on how customer experience affects their interface with the company. As more and more people use their mobile device for personal and business transactions, an adaptable website must meet these clients effectively.

Client Experience

A lot of clients have the experience of clicking a website on their mobile phones and it appears either too small, confusing, and needing a lot of navigation to go around the website. That is not the case with a responsive design. Businesses will tend to lose clients who are accustomed to a fast paced approach to internet transactions. Remember that a website’s role is to fulfill the need of clients for information and speedy transaction.

Understanding Your Responsive Web Design

Responsive design was lifted from a recent discipline study called responsive architecture, which posits that people respond to physical spaces and affects their behavior positively. This tenet was used to highlight responsive web applications. The idea behind this is that responsive design automatically adjusts the screen size with a combination of images, fluid layout design, and grids.

A Whole New Perspective for Web Applications

This is not simply about adjustment, but a whole way of thinking or a new perspective about web applications. Responsive design is known for its flexibility of use regardless of the device. Responsive design can detect a device type and browser type and can orient itself based on the site. Both reformatting and optimizing gives the site a more authentic look without compromising its creative appeal. It looks good in every type of mobile or desktop device.

Advantages of Responsive Design for Business
  • A responsive design is cost effective because maintaining several websites can be very expensive.
  • It provides a high competitive advantage in terms of marketing because there is no extra work for marketing department to promote the website for those who use mobile devices.
  • Its Search Engine Optimized because there is no need to create content for mobile devices. Thus, clients can navigate through the site with the use of desktop and mobile device.
  • There is no need for re-direction because of the use of a single URL.
  • Administration is easier because it maintains a single website. There is no need to build another website for mobile optimized purposes.
  • Consistent design across all devices. This feature cannot be achieved by mobile optimized design.
  • The Trend in Business is Mobile

    A study shows that a number of people are increasing using their mobile devices for their transactions. People are using less of their desktop and more in favor of using their mobile devices for business purposes. Most people do not use the business’ apps, but they go directly to the website. Smartphones are on the rise as well. If your website does not use the responsive design, then it is in danger of losing clients and potential clients in the future.

    Responsive Websites is Key for Business Profitability

    Adaptation is the key to keep the business going and a responsive design has all the specifications for your website to compete with its global competitors. The cost of switching to a responsive design is not commensurate to the millions of users that will access your site, and thus it will increase your profit in the long run.

    The Lifetime Value of a Customer
    The responsive design recognizes the value of each customer, and this is the reason why the integrated approach is being used for greater customer satisfaction. Some of the known values related to customer experience are the following:
  • Remarkable audience reach for various purposes.
  • More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets for shopping and other business transactions.
  • Appearing in smartphones and other mobile devices is critical for business survival. Potential customers want information fast and at the tip of their fingers.
  • People shop at one device and continue to another. A responsive design fulfills these needs.
  • Shopping and information guide is consulted in their screens.
  • A Responsive Design for a Responsive Business

    Responsiveness is defined as the ability of a business to cater to the needs of clients who are changing in profile, buying behavior and technological use every day. A responsive design meets the needs of clients who are already mobile. A business who wants to stay in front of the competition must keep in consonance with industry standards of doing business. A responsive web design will open the gates for millions of users of smartphones, mobile devices, and desktop users. Imagine the potential of your business with a responsive design.

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