PPC marketing campaign is an invaluable online marketing tool that digital marketers can use to achieve overall success in their marketing campaign. PPC, which means pay per click, is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their website is visited through clicking of their ad placement.

With a careful implementation of the PPC marketing campaign, conversion rates and business growth is going to be achieved. Here are six essential components that you must integrate into your PPC marketing campaign to make it a success.

Keyword Addition

By the use of keywords, you are creating a connection between users that are searching for products and services displayed in your PPC advertisement. A keyword is a phrase or group of words connected to what users are looking for added to your website to make it more visible to them. Keyword research tools like Keyword Planner can be used to assess the popularity of a keyword and the level of competition before usage.

Landing Page

A landing page crafted to offer a great user experience to users and match their need(s) is definitely going to boost conversion rates in your PPC marketing campaign. No favorable action by the visitor will be taken if the content on your landing page is in contrast with your PPC ads. Align the content with what you are advertising and include a CTA to help visitors take necessary action and boost sales conversion.

Call to Action

When visitors visit your PPC advertisement placement, they are likely to leave without taking any desired action if they are not guided. A call-to-action tells the visitors the next step to take. Leads are generated and click-through rates ramp up if there is a clear and concise call-to-action specified on the landing page.

Mobile Devices

More products and services are made using mobile devices than desktop nowadays. Over 105% search done using search engines is made using mobile devices. Depending on the mobile behavior of your audience, you should consider using mobile ads in your PPC campaign. Website Analysis Monitoring visitors’ activities after they visit your website can help you immensely to improve your PPC marketing campaign. What happens after they click through your website? Do they take further action or just leave? An analytical tool to monitor a visitor’s activity allows you to spot problems and rectify them to avoid losing PPC conversions.

Personalize Ad Copy

Based on a survey by CMO council, 43% of marketers confirmed that personalization increased conversions. Customization of the ad copy making it valuable, and unique to your prospective audience improves the sales conversion of your PPC ad placement.

PPC marketing campaign requires a regular and dynamic adjustment of strategies to align your business with the right audience. By adopting the six components of a successful PPC marketing campaign above, you will be on your way to achieving a tremendous PPC campaign. Contact us today at webVDEO to create the best PPC marketing campaign for your business.

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