So many business websites today adopt different website design methods to build their brand. The methods are integrated into the website to increase conversion rate, enhance visibility, user experience and so on. One of the effective ways of building your brand is by making your website ADA-compliant. ADA, an acronym that stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, ensures that a website is user-friendly for those living with disabilities. This act was developed in 1990 to create internet usage equality between people living with disabilities and other users. According to research by the Pew Research Center , 1 out of 8 people in the USA are living with disabilities. Nearly a quarter of Americans living with disabilities are less likely found on a website especially when it is not ADA compliant.

Advantages of ADA compliant Website

Conversion rate increases

Designing a website to meet accessibility standards such as text with minimal contrast ratio against background would make website visitors navigate through the site without any difficulty. This, in turn, makes visitors read content, understand and stay engaged for a longer time. ADA compliance boosts audience

People living with disabilities form the largest minority group in the USA and about 19% of the 78.2% of the United States of America population. Many of these people will be willing to visit your website in search of services and products. However, if your website does not meet ADA standards, they will head to another website instantly leaving you with a loss of potential audience and loyal followers.

Makes you more reputable

Customers will be happy and appreciative that you have made your website compatible for all and sundry notwithstanding their knowledge of the importance they have towards your business. Your website becomes distinguished from those that are not non-ADA compliant. Making your website ADA compliant will pose a positive image for your brand.

Enhances your SEO Campaign

Search engines now crawl over web pages and rank them on result pages according to their alignment with the search criteria. One of the search criteria normally used is image text, image color, mobile compatibility, etc. Your website will appeal to users if it meets ADA guidelines and makes your SEO campaign a success.

Prevents Legal Infraction

Making sure that your website is accessible by every online user will aid you to avoid having a run-in with the law. Since 1990, after the internet became widely used, the Americans with Disability act was developed to promote accessibility of the internet by everybody. Websites that do not meet the ADA compliance guidelines are bound to face legal hassles, which could prove costly for their business.

Better ROI

A higher traffic and conversion rate leads to an increase in ROI. Your customers get to like the web design, content and how easily it can be navigated. This leads up to them making positive reviews, which eventually attracts new users and expands ROI. There you have it! Above are some of the importance of ADA compliant website. The need to make websites ADA-compliant can never be quantified. Many websites today have failed to meet the ADA guidelines only to leave them far behind their competitors. If you have not made your website and do not know the ADA compliance requirements, visit the website to see the list of ADA compliance guidelines. Contact us today at webVDEO to help you design an ADA compliant website. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

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