The Top 5 Most Important Things to Include On Your Landing Page
The landing pages are one of the most significant elements of lead generation and many companies are not using them correctly. It became a custom to give more emphasis to a website’s homepage, since it is the first thing that potential customers see when they visit.

However, studies have shown that the average conversion rate of a website is between 1% and 3%. This means that there is only a little portion converting from the traffic. With the poor outcome, many businesses still rely on their homepage for the conversions.

A great landing page is a must-have for any website as it provides a platform for achieving higher percentage of conversions into leads. According to studies, landing pages have an average of 5% to 15% conversion rate. Business sites who have adopted a great landing page have experienced 30% - 45% conversion rate. What are the important things to include on your landing page to make it great?

1. A Clear and Unique Proposition
Visitors may have discovered your landing page but that does not mean that they already purchased your product or service yet. Visitors online always read fast but less thoroughly, which is a clear and solid proposition is needed to catch the attention of the readers.

Simply think of it as an article from the newspaper. Publishers always make a list of the most important information and then the details follow. A clear proposition includes:
• Headline
• Sub-headline
• List of products’ or services’ benefits
• Images that supports your message
• Call to action button

2. Indications that your Product or Service is Reliable
It is important to develop a strong trust relationship with the visitors by including testimonials, logos and certifications to endorse the effectiveness of your product or service. By giving enough validation, your business site will experience a higher rate of conversion. It is because people always follow the latest trend.

Studies have shown that a person is more convinced to purchase something if more than one customer is already enjoying or doing it. This applies also to your landing page. Three forms that guarantees reliability and trust are:
• Company logo
• Award stamps
• Testimonials of previous customers with their names and photos

3. Including an Accurate Photo
Visitors only scan the website for only a few seconds. With the short attention span, an accurate photo is the representation of what you are offering. This helps the people to acquire a better understanding of what you are selling and what it looks like. Including a short context of how it will be used can add a greater effect.

4. Detailed Benefits of the Product or Service
A detailed description of benefits as well as features in bullet points can gain more attention. Focus on answering the frequently asked questions like, “What will this product do for me?” as this will help your website to communicate to your visitors.

5. Effective Call-To-Action Button
The conversion goal is the purpose of the landing page. Poorly written CTA buttons such as SUBMIT or CLICK HERE is not effective. A great example of an effective CTA button is “Get your $65 spa coupon”, which clearly speaks of what they will be getting in exchange of their clicks.

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