Business start-ups in most cases have limited resources to run the company and also, are in need of customers. By integrating the SEO in your marketing strategies, you can improve your brand. In 2017, over 79% of all desktop searches worldwide were done through Google. Google updates its algorithm over 100 times per year and therefore requires small businesses to keep up with the changes.

An SEO campaign helps a startup to gain the recognition needed and eventual growth of their brand. This is only possible if the technique is used properly. Here are six ways to effectively utilize the SEO and ensure that your business as a startup is on the right path.

Mark Your Goals

The first step to take towards achieving a successful SEO campaign is to determine the goals that you want to achieve with the content of your business. These goals should align with your business and should be measurable and realistic. It could be increased website traffic or a number of visitors to the website. Ensure that your goal is clear.

Research for Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of a search engine optimization. They are the building units of an SEO and as such should be included in an SEO set up. 61% of business owners say that keyword stuffing is the appropriate way to increase of increasing their organic presence Keywords makes your content more visible and consumable to the audience. You can research for keywords using tools like keyword planner and include them in your content to make them relevant and position your business high in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


The title of a webpage can affect the ranking of your business website on the Search Engine Result Pages. The title should be simple, concise and comprehensible. 50% of searches done are Google are four words or longer. The content of the page should flow with the title and increase the ranking.

Create Relevant Content

Search engines like Google take into cognizance contents that are relevant during indexation of business websites. A content that is of high quality and provides real quality for customers is more likely to gain better ranking on search engines that those that does not. A new fresh and new content can increase your organic traffic by 111%.

Internal Links

Insertion of links in the content will lead to a higher ranking of the commerce website. Google recognizes websites that have Backlinks and offers them better rankings than those that do not. Therefore, you should include high-quality links in your content.

Keep Everything Moderate

Do not overstuff content with keywords, Backlinks, and more. This will attract an unfavorable action from Google as your website will not gain an increased indexation and eventually will not do any good for your business.

For a startup, the number of business websites that pile up on the search engine result pages can be dissuading but do not worry. With these techniques, you will surmount these top companies and position your business on the right path. Contact us today at webVDEO to help you get the best out of your SEO endeavors. We guarantee you excellent services.

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