User Experience – Do Not Overlook What Matters Most
You spend time to design a website. You spend money on getting the right look for it and once you have put together your website, you wait for the conversions. Is the waiting time more than what you had expected? Right from the first sketch to the final product, it is important that you keep user experience in mind. Did you by any chance miss that out? Your website relies on user experience for driving a satisfactory amount of traffic. If you have missed it then you may have to back track and put things right. Digital products may not be able to do very well without an effective user experience or UX as it is commonly known. Let us look at some reasons why UX matters and how to ensure your website excels in it.
1. Are you thinking this from the user’s point of view? Most of the times, the design of a website is defined by a group of managerial stakeholders who perhaps belong from marketing, Business Strategy or the IT functions of the company. As a result, the people who decide about the website are those who may not be the end users.
This was something that may have been appreciated a decade ago when the Web was not as commonly used. The tech literate users of today prefer websites which are relevant and are personalized and easy to use. With the huge number of websites catering to similar data, if their needs are not fulfilled by your website then they will find another one. If you are investing in a website for your business, then make sure you have accounted for user experience by conducting UX activities in order to verify your assumptions.
2. Problems with poor user experience
When it comes to poor user experience, the concerns can be easily noticed. Some of the most common problems are:
• The inability to compare the different plans before signing up for an account.
• Facing problems while creating the account.
• Difficulties in filling out forms or applications on the website.
• Overloaded servers and too much of downtime.
All these problems establish a negative emotional connection with your users. To ensure you are not entrapped by these problems for your website, focus on a user-centered design. Such a website will be easy to understand and simple to navigate.
3. Things to Keep in mind for enhanced UX
User experience is made up of a lot of factors. Some of these factors can be controlled by the designers while there are some that are simply based on the environment and the user’s preference. Some of the most common factors that shape a good UX are usability, accessibility and performance. The design and aesthetics of the website also play an important role. The utility, ergonomics and the overall human interaction and marketing are also important. Do not confuse user experience for just usability. There is a lot more to it. While the two are connected, user experience is the emotion, experience and connection that your users feel when they use your site or product.
To conclude, user experience is an art form in its own way. You will never be able to predict for sure how your website will be perceived by the users, however, you can ensure that the odds are on your side by making informed decisions about user experience during the design process.

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