Using Small Business SEO Without Breaking the Bank
Many people believed that content is the king and a website must produce a lot of content in order to be successful online. Not many businesses truly see the results from their continuous content efforts. Most of the businesses invest in content marketing for the reason that their competitors do the same or that they have been told to.
Search Engine Optimization is the most ideal because of its lower costs, practicality, and fast way to customers’ visibility. Although most campaigns of SEO take much time to be successful, there are tricks that can be used to boost SEO without breaking the bank.

Know the Basics SEO is a complicated matter but there are hundreds of resources that will let you know about the basics. Knowing that Google and other search engines like original and well-written content that is not copied from a different site is a good start.

Speeding Up Your Website
Making your site faster can be easily done by getting a caching plugin on your website and clearing out old data and drafts that are somewhat affecting the loading time of your site. You may also resize the images for better SEO.

Improve your Webpages
Titles as well as Meta description tags are very important as it helps your website to make a conversion. It is important to write the Meta descriptions well and should not be just copied from the page itself.
Ensure that your title as well as Meta description tags are applied and that your website can be accessed to search engines. All your pages need to be optimized for a specific keyword and also secondary keyword.
The secondary keyword supports the primary, so it is important to have both keywords for each page. Make the keywords bold but do not overdo it. On every photo that you have, do not forget to apply an “alt” tag.

Optimize for Search Engines
There are many sources of traffic but it is not enough to rely on only one of them. Search engine traffic still prevails as the major point of achievement for many businesses marketing online.
A website owner should take steps and have the content optimized by a reliable search engine marketing company in order to make a rank in search engines like Google. Google also likes pages that are using Google services like Google + Local. Simply link back to your site and do not forget to include your keywords and descriptions to get a rank.

Develop Social Media Presence
Spend time on creating your social media presence. You can reach out to many potential customers by being present in the social media. By simply creating social media profiles in different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, potential customers are able to see your credibility and you can direct them to your official website.

Apply Micro data
Micro formatting is another great way as it spoon-feeds Google small pieces of data in a replicable and predictable format. It also provides Google the information about what’s it searching for, which can make your website more visible.

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