Web Design Trends In 2017

Trends are notable changes that occur in every single inventive field, and website design cannot be overlooked. Trends occur as a result of experimentation and innovation. They are the driving factor that results in change, which push an industry forward to improve things.

A lot of designers are of the belief that taking after trends is a crucial aspect of their responsibilities. Being always informed about the latest trend is viewed as obligatory.

In the past couple of years, it has turned out to be noticeable that many designers are attempting to change from straightforward and closed compositions. The web is a unique and dynamic environment that keeps on changing and evolving at every point in time. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the web design trends that should be expected during the following twelve months.

Mobile-first approach will be adopted by more brands
As the name implies, the mobile-first design is the web design process whereby a website is initially designed for mobile or other small screen devices before the design for bigger devices.
Despite the fact that this may not actually be an entirely new trend, but rather we expect seeing more websites over the coming year to adopt a more insightful strategy in conveying their content to mobile (smaller screens), rather than putting it next to desktop build.

More extensive execution of responsive design
Just like mobile-first, responsive design has also been around for the past couple of years. What we foresee as the year unfolds is a significantly greater increase of brands building responsive-based websites.
For the individuals who may not understand what responsive design is, responsive design is basically a way to deal with building a website utilizing CSS media queries as well as flexible and adaptable layouts/grids. This is used to create a dynamic website that adjusts and restructures its content in a way that best displays on the screen size of the device.
One of the rewards of responsive design is that it permits organizations and companies to pay for only a single website build that delivers contents effectively, both on mobile and tablet, as well as on laptops, and desktops with larger screens. It is predicted that there will be a high increase of brand that will implement this approach as a way of improving their rankings in search.

Increase focus on animation
One of the things that have impacted our digital interface is animation. There is no halt on animation as 2017 unfolds. Truth be told, designers are now looking for more sophisticated visual tools which they can use in building smile sparkling and engaging animations. In 2017, it is expected that animation will be more refined and more prominent.

Layouts and designs which allow content to shine
The mode in which design elements are arranged in a particular structure ought to permit the viewer to actually concentrate on the message, without decreasing the reading speed of the person. Designers all over the world now have a clear understanding that individuals visit websites to read their content.
The role of design is to showcase contents in an efficient, intuitive and delightful way. It is expected that designers will keep on seeking for ways that will allow the layout and design of a site to suitably display the content.

Better collaboration between Designers and Developers
Due to the fact design now constitute a more prominent and more influential part in molding businesses, more consideration has been given to the collaboration between designers and their fellow designers as well as other developers.
More emphasis is being laid on cooperation as a result of the hugeness of the web and mobile applications that are being developed nowadays. Immense platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, require not just several designers working on different parts of the platform, but, better methods for making designers and developers to remain on the same page. More collaboration and improved communication lead to better output.

Big, bold type
As the world of design goes to the agreement that our attention ought to be on content, an ever increasing number of sites now feature welcome inspiration messages and headlines that are similarly as big and bold, just like the messages itself.
The terms "big" and "bold" as used in this content doesn't allude to the weight of the text style. It is about dedicating a significant area of the screen to a separate, straightforward yet widely inclusive message about the products and services.
In this world of ours that is quick, busy, and overloaded with information, these brief yet powerful messages will be adopted by practically all companies as the year unfolds.

More SVGs
SVGs, an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics provide website developers and designers with a considerable measure of advantages as compared to traditional image formats such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. SVGs do not depend on resolution. They look awesome on any screen irrespective of the screen size of devices.
With SVGs, there won’t be any need to worry about making every picture retina-ready. Another wonderful thing about SVG is that it doesn’t require any HTTP request. The days of HTTP request slowing down website are over.

In case you haven’t started making use of Flexbox, you are missing out. Flexbox is a moderately "new" CSS layout module which offers both amazing responsive- friendliness in its functionalities.
What’s more, Flexbox bodes well to visual designers and can be used to manipulate the object on the canvas by making use of distributing and aligning tools, which are offered in various design applications such as Illustrator and Sketch. With each modern browser now completely supporting Flexbox, there should be nothing holding you from joining the trend.
All those mentioned above are a couple of the web design trends that are expected as 2017 unfolds. These web design trends are expected to help deliver web pages and contents in a more sophisticated way, improving your browsing experience.

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