Web Design Trends In 2018

The New Year brings along new ideas, new innovation, and new ways of getting things done. The web design world cannot be left behind in this aspect. Experimentation and innovation bring about new discoveries on the various way of making the design of a website more appealing.

The web is a dynamic and unique environment which keeps evolving from time to time. As a web designer, it is important that you are well informed about the latest trend, tools, and techniques in your line of work. webVDEO, your reliable web design company brings you some of the web design trends that will define website design during the next twelve months.

Drop Shadows and Depth

Even though the use of shadows is not a new thing anymore in web design, however, designers are now taking a step further. By making use of parallax layouts and grids, web designers are now creating more depth by being creative with shadows. An illusion of a world past the screen is now being created. This had helped a lot in emphasizing the user interphase, and making the web page more visually appealing.

Mobile First

Today, browsing using mobile devices has officially outdone desktop browsing. Online shopping is basically done right from our smartphones. In 2018, it is even expected that mobile design will continue to mature and improve. Menus can be easily minimized for smaller screens. Smaller icons are now used to replace large photos. Over the course of the year, fixing UX issues will only continue to get easier.

Vibrant, Saturated Color Schemes

Another thing you should expect more in the world of web design in 2018 is super excess colors. Designers are now ditching web-safe colors for saturated color schemes featuring vibrant shades. Also, the use of horizontal headers will gradually become obsolete. They will be replaced with headers that are reimagined with hard angles and slashes.

Particle Backgrounds

Another web design trend to look forward to this year is the increased use of particle backgrounds. In the previous years, websites often run into performance issues with a video background. Particle background will help provide an ultimate solution to this.

Particle backgrounds are in form of lightweight javascript animations which allow the creation of movement as a natural part of the background. These particle backgrounds will also capture the attention of the user instantly. Not only will the particle backgrounds help the web pages to load faster, they will also create a memorable impression of the brand.

Broken Grid Layouts

2017 witnessed the introduction of broken grid layout. This trend is expected to continue growing over the next couple of months. The broken grid layouts have been able to quench the web designer’s thirst for more engaging and creative layouts.

Broken grid layouts allow text elements and images to drift into and across the layouts. Broken grid layouts have made it possible for the typically discreet boxes of the text and images to overlap and converge. Thus, blending letterform and bitmap in a unique, creative, and spectacular way.

More Organic and Oblique Shapes

Web designers are constantly in search of creating unique and wonderful designs that are out of the box. They are now turning to organic curves and oblique shapes. Usual shapes will be given a twist to change the perspective and freshen up the design.

There you have it! The above are some of the web design trends you can expect this year. It is expected that these web design trends will help deliver designs, contents, and web pages in a more stylish and sophisticated way, thus, improving user’s browsing experience.

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