Trends and Designs to Come
Having a website is one thing but maintaining it is a totally different story. 2015 is a year of revolution in web designs. With rising popularity of smartphones and new gadgets that can access the internet, web designs adapt as well with the changing tides. Although designs from 2014 will still be around, most changes are driven by the volume of people who have mobile access to the internet. Whether it is for a blog, a business, a product, a kind of service or social networking, changes will definitely be appealing for everyone who will visit websites in 2015. Such changes will have an appeal with function. Other trends will deal with simplicity and easy navigation. Web design trends in 2015 either can be seen or apply one aspect at a time. Some looks might be a combination of one or more. One thing is certain; it will be a pleasure for all.
Web Designs that Tell a Story and Interacts
Websites in 2015 will focus more in interacting with its users. This is achieved by adding wonderful content in the website itself such as origins and facts about certain topics. This is beneficial for websites that are advertising products or services and even must see locations for tourism. Instead of letting your viewers ask questions, this trend will give them the answers by interacting with animated designs. Although this has been obvious with other web designs in 2014, the animation and the interaction aspect of web designs will be intensified this 2015.
The Longer the Better
Using a smartphone is a totally different experience compared to using traditional laptops or desktop computers. However, it still gets its job done especially in terms of making users connect to the internet. Since it is a mobile device, connecting to the internet can be done even if you are in a coffee shop with Wi-Fi access. But then again, since the specifications of a smartphone are different from laptops and desktops, web designs this year will adapt. This means web designs will be longer than usual. This might not be as noticeable as the first trend; however, this trend will prove to be beneficial to all users of websites. This drift will make it easier for users to browse from one feature to another. It also makes it easier to get information by simply scrolling and not by clicking and loading another page. In addition, this development also helps the first trend to give more room for animations and interaction.
No More Unnecessary Designs
An exciting style this year that will benefit users is removing non-useful and redundant features in a web design. Styles this year will focus on functions that really work. The said drift is focused on the important keywords, not the boxes and large images of things that does not relate to a certain blog, product or service that a website offers. This style then accents the things that are needed to be seen such as brand names, features of the product, and contact details. This is achieved by either removing lines that illustrates boxes, removing large images, and/or by using a single color background that complements the color of fonts used in the web design. This development makes the web design simple, yet effective and pleasing to the eyes.
Highlighting What is Needed to be Seen
This style is the same as the third trend. The difference is that this trend is focused on highlighting one-liners or brand names by using large fonts. This web design also removes headers and large background images. In effect, Brand names or one-liner catch phrases serves as the background of the website itself, making the website respond faster. This style is totally off the bat, as this web design does not showcase the traditional look of a website. However, this web design proves to be beneficial by giving better performance to a website.
The Use of Personal Photograph
Another enhancement this year that will definitely benefit blogs and businesses is the use of personal photos with very high quality. This innovation can be achieved by using photographs that highlight products, services, people behind a story, or even a photo of the owner of the website itself. The said kind of photograph will then be used as the background for the website. This flair will indeed give a personal touch and functionality on a website as well as a simple background that makes it easier for users to locate radio buttons and other links.
Fix Width Layout
Fix width layout is a web design that deals with maximizing the width of a website depending on the users interface. This trend is an evolution of having a defined width. Fix width layout is attained by concentrating on a few links and details at the center of the page. Then the web design will adjust to the maximum width making the details remain at the center and giving it an elegant look. This style only uses essential links for contact details and simple designs.
Fly Out Inspired Interaction
As a way of adapting to the craze brought by smartphones, websites now mimic the fly out movement of mobile applications into their look. This movement is another interactive way of amusing users to further give patronage to websites. This web design is also known as Responsive Web Design (RWD) where radio buttons or tabs slowly pop up or fade in anytime a cursor moves to a designated location on the website. Before, this strategy is exclusively seen in web applications and now is being implemented to websites.
No Menu
This inclination is a combination of several techniques that is clearly out of the box. This web design only hides the menus and other tabs or radio buttons in the website. This is a simple variation of the fly out style that focuses on the product and performance of a website At the Forefront Web design trends in 2015 are in fact promising. With the innovations anchored on making websites more efficient, users and site owners are sure to enjoy the whole year. It is good to have great things to look forward to in the future but then again, it is more important to live in the present and relish what technology has already given us.

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