A website is an important marketing tool for professionals, small businesses and companies. Therefore, it requires careful planning and design in order for it to be effective. Investing in your official website can work wonders for you in terms of broadening your target market as well as increasing your potential revenues.

Some businesses and corporations hire an experienced and knowledgeable web designer to create an effective webpage. However, not everyone can afford the skills of a professional web creator. Therefore, they end up using a variety of DIY site builders in order to create a website on their own.

What are DIY Site Builders?

DIY site builders are programs or software that is available online. Users simply have to sign up with their email address and you can immediately start building your online homepage.

These site builders give people as well as business entities an easy and inexpensive option when it comes to building their own websites. Since there are those who cannot afford the professional fees of experienced website developers, they result to using the services of various site builders in order to create their page on their own.

These DIY site builders are beneficial for those who have no knowledge in HTML or CSS, since they enable you to create a page easily and quickly. You can insert images, slideshows, texts and others into your page with just a click of your mouse button. You can also choose from a wide array of free templates in order to give your DIY website a different look and feel. The Easiest DIY Site Builders Some of the most user-friendly DIY site builders include the following:


This is one of the most popular website builder that enables you to create and design websites that are compatible with Google. Over 59 million individuals, businesses, corporations and organizations use it due to its drag-and-drop feature as well as its additional supporting tools.


Squarespace is one of the DIY site builders that is currently gaining popularity due to its visually attractive templates, versatile styling editor and its 24/7 support system. It enables users to create a responsive as well as appealing website without having to pay a lot of money. Since its launch, Squarespace is currently powering over 1.8 million websites.


Lastly, this site builder is user-friendly, since it requires you to have little or no technical knowledge when it comes to HTML as well as CSS. You simply have to drag and drop your inputs such as texts, paragraphs, images and graphics into your screen. Weebly is now hosting more than 25 million websites and is still growing continuously.

Most individuals and businesses resort to these site builders because they are easy to use and inexpensive.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use DIY Site Builders

Most DIY site builders are user-friendly as well as easy on the budget. However, these site builders do not guarantee the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of your website. These free site builders may seem more preferable than hiring a professional website developer but they are not as helpful to your business as you may think.

These are some of the major reasons why you should not use DIY site builders for your business:

They are not really free. Most site builders only require you to sign up with your email. Once you sign up, you can already start building your website on your own. However, if you want to use their additional site features, you have to pay for a certain price. If you are a business, you have to pay at least $25 in order to run your website like an online store.

You have limited options. DIY site builders are known for having countless of free template designs. However, you may find yourself having too much trouble finding the right design for your website. Some of them may be too colorful or too plain for you, which is why your options are still limited.

You cannot separate your website from your competitors. More and more small businesses are turning to free site builders because of financial reasons. They may also use them for their own convenience. This is where your problem lies. Since too much of your competitors are using these site builders, you may have a hard time showing your originality. There is a chance that you and your competitor are using the same template design. Therefore, your websites will look exactly the same. Therefore, your customization options are very limited.

They are not equipped for e-commerce. One of the main reasons why you are building a website is to be able to sell your merchandise online. DIY site builders limit you from fully engaging in e-commerce due to their lack of tools for the trade. Your business has several needs in order to sell your products effectively such as email order confirmation, various payment options, inventory monitoring and product displays. Sadly, most site builders are lacking in this area.

Hiring a professional website creator may seem more expensive than DIY site builders but it can also provide more benefits for you, your business and your website.

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