In a few years from now, the content we read in articles today will more likely be watched on video-sharing platforms. According to Cisco, video will make up 69% of all consumer online traffic by the year 2017. Video sharing and viewing is rapidly growing into a popular online activity. This encourages advertisers and businesses to utilize video more in building their brands and attracting new markets.

Why Web Videos?

Online video streaming is an easy way to get hold of both information and entertainment. The video-sharing site YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors each month. Video content is shared across social media every day, from grumpy cats to a Swiffer commercial featuring an old married couple. One in five people watch videos that are relevant to their work daily. That is why web videos are fast becoming the future of content marketing.

Web videos and Content Marketing

Sixty-four percent of marketers believe that online videos will lead all advertising in the future. More and more companies are investing in content marketing to entice and engage with clients and improving their search engine optimization (SEO) abilities.

Studies have shown that more than two-thirds of companies currently utilize videos in their marketing strategies. Why so? Online videos can prove successful in positively altering an audience’s perception of a brand or business after viewing an interesting video content. In a survey done by Axonn, they found that 75% of people actively share web videos through social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Video content, if effectively utilized, allows businesses to engage their viewer and increase its prospects through video sharing.

Improving your Conversion Rates

Video currently makes up 70% of the top 100 search result listings. Given that 64-85% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video on it, investing in video content really makes sense. Because of its versatile and entertaining nature, online video is able to span almost every industry and demographic.

Utilizing web videos in your promotions can help give your business a conversion lift., an online retailer, stated that its visitors were more organizational housewares e-tailer reported that visitors had a 144% higher chance of buying an item after viewing a video on it. Website visitors, who stream a video, stay on a site twice as long and check out twice as many pages as compared to those who don’t stream a video.

Shareability and Advertising

With the help of social networking sites like Facebook, a business is able to widen its reach through the video content it posts. As long as they are engaging and eye-catching, videos are shared across multiple platforms, making it possible for businesses to attract more viewers and prospects. Most news and information reach people according to its popularity. The same goes for videos. When a video is interesting, it is more likely to garner likes, shares, and reposts on social media. By putting out web videos, you are able to increase the likelihood of more viewers, but also increased revenue.

YouTube and SEO Rates

Video content has also become a more viable marketing tool due to its popularity in search engines. The largest video-sharing platform, YouTube, has grown into the world’s 2nd most popular search engine, due in part to Google. Explainer and tutorial videos can remarkably improve SEO rates, allowing video-based pages to be 50 times more likely to increase its ranking on Google and get a 41% higher click-through-rate than plain text.

A Business that Boomed through an Online Video

The file-hosting service, Dropbox, is a good example of how clear and simple marketing videos can boost one’s business. By putting out an animated instructional video on their landing page, Dropbox was able to make a 10% conversion in 2012. This led to a 10 million increase in users and a subsequent 50 million dollar increase in revenue.

Online Videos Can Inform and Encourage Customers

Web videos improve conversion rates by educating its users. Most viewers have similar basic inquiries before any purchase. They may want to learn about a product’s specifics, use, or added features. By using videos to answer customer questions and to address other issues, you can boost your conversions. Most companies have been utilizing instructional and informative videos for years and have reported improving their sales anywhere between 6 and 30 percent.

Achieving Customer Trust through Web Videos

Online videos can allow you to increase your credibility and gain your customer’s trust. As videos become more engaging and personal, you are able to put a face and knowledge to your products. Many companies have established their authority and increased their visibility by uploading web videos that highlight their products and services. Videos that are shared across platforms are usually those that are personal and appeal to everyday and real experiences. By creating online videos on your products around the idea of appealing to the everyday man or woman, you are able to strike a chord on your key demographic.

The Power of Web videos

Using web videos on your site can aid you in:

  • Attracting attention and web traffic
  • Spreading information on your product
  • Engaging your audience
  • Increase credibility
  • Widen your network
  • And, increase conversion rates

  • Web videos are a powerful tool for your business. More and more people spend their time watching online content, making it a more compelling force in marketing and advertising. Your business’ future will be much more successful if you are able to fully utilize the power that web videos have.

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