First impressions are everything. In today’s business world, it takes a lot more than eye contact and a firm handshake to win the hearts of investors, employers, and most importantly, customers. If you were to conduct business face to face, would you show up in a ketchup-stained t-shirt and running shorts? Not if you want anyone to stick around, that’s for sure. You wear what’s appropriate for your field of work or service. If you run an investment firm, a nice suit. If you rent beach properties, maybe khaki shorts or a Hawaiian shirt. You always have your office in order. To put it simply, you want things to FLOW. Your User Interface is an incredibly important aspect of your website. It’s the welcome sign outside of your storefront, if you will. User Interface or UI for short can be defined very simply. It’s how the end user interacts with the computer or computer programs. In this case, your website! Here’s the thing, anyone can hop online and announce themselves as this or that, yet it’s the people who take the time to do it correctly, that end up actually being effective.

There are four definitions of the word flow. Two are as nouns, and two as verbs. Two definitions really caught my attention. As a matter of fact, I’m going to introduce the concept of “flow” to you as this:

The Two Types of “Flow”:

The action or fact of moving alone in a steady, continuous stream. Go from one place to another in a steady steam, typically in large numbers. Here’s the beautiful thing that can almost definitely occur if you apply “flow” to your user interface design… the second definition of flow listed becomes a result of the first! If you take the time to design or have someone else design your website in a way that holds to a steady and inviting user experience, the second definition of flow will begin to occur. Now, you’ve got a steady stream of large numbers coming around. These large numbers include: visitors, profit, and current clients. Let’s refer back to my introductory paragraph. You have to dress for success and prepare for the work you want. If you prepare your website for massive amounts of traffic, constant account creation, payments, and contact between your business and customers… then when the time comes, and you’re at that point, you’ll handle it that much better. Prepare for what you want, not for where you are. This can be applied to your website and your life.

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