The process of creating an illusion of motion and change by displaying rapidly, a sequence of static images that slightly differ from each other is known as Animation. It can be recorded with analogue media, motion picture film, flip book digital media, etc. Digital camera, a projector or computer are used to display animation. Animation video takes continuous motion and breaks it up into distinct frames. Using animated videos on business sites for advertising has become quite popular these days. Whiteboard animation or Animations video are an effective way to promote your business.

We have below 5 points for you for successful conversion rates if animated videos are used.

  • 1. BUSINESS FORMATION: Animated Videos can help you showcase your company’s history. A good set up video will help you put across the audience an educational video, rather than making it as a sales pitch. The crowd will be more enthusiastic and excited once they know the cause behind what you do. Presenting a video in a way wherein you showcase that your company’s product is a remedy for a certain problem, will certainly add to the sales of your business.

  • 2. WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Be it a child or an adult stories have always fascinated us. Stories are an effective way of communication. Before technology could take over messages were communicated through story telling. Since now we have science on the touch of our fingers why not use it for our good; tell your story through a video. The point of showing elaborate, fanciful and instructional videos is to captivate the minds of society just like stories did in olden days. Hence, a story like video will help in increase of sales.

  • 3. EASY TO REMEMBER: Animated videos have a human element in them. To see moving drawings and the fun element in them is fairly refreshing for human brain. If a customer remembers your video they definitely remember you and your company’s product and believe me they are going to tell others about you.

  • 4. SIMPLE AND SPECIFIC: In today’s overwhelming market where we have energetic videos that are computer generated, the simple black and white lines on a whiteboard video is welcoming amnesty to the customer’s eye. The simple fluff of the video helps the mind to distill the essentials of the product. The customer easily understands what needs to be done exactly, call a certain telephone number, buy a product, visit a site, etc.

  • 5. ENTERTAIN AND EVANGELIZE: If an animation video is made correctly with an influencing and real script, they can entertain a viewer. So you basically create an informative video that is fun for everyone. You will soon have people who will want to be associated with your company. Placing such videos on social and marketing sites will allow everyone to share and comment on it, increasing your following and spreading about you and your company. While all the above factors are responsible for conversions, an addition to the list can be that whiteboard animation is economical to produce than most of the other types of videos. Once you know what the need of your viewer is, a good video can be made with a strong script.

    To conclude, animation videos can help in the following ways:

  • Better conversion rates.
  • It adds attraction to the website.
  • Users find it more interactive.
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